"After I had a sampling of Bart's Cookies, the next day I wanted more, but they were all gone. So, I attempted to make them. No dice. No way. Did not compare one iota to Bart's. See, when I originally saw them on the table at my house, I just grabbed a couple from the bag. Then, a few minutes later, I said, 'You just can't have one of these.' Then, they were all gone. I'd also like to add, my 2-year old daughter never ate a whole cookie before until she had Bart's Cookies. She would bite a small piece off, then lay it down and walk away. Not Bart's cookies. Oh no! What did she do? She would take the cookie, go and sit down by the couch, and eat it slowly and methodically until it was all gone. Then, she'd say, MORE? Bart, whatever you put in those cookies, however you make them, you have to share them with the world! They're awesome! Oh, can you make some more for us? More?" ~ Mike L., Boise, Idaho