Bart’s cookies are the world best chocolate chip cookies I have ever tried.

Bart Smith makes the world’s best chocolate chip cookies.

They (your cookies) were pounced on by everyone in the office.

These cookies are seriously the best cookies I have ever had (sorry mom)!

On the way home I decided to have just one for myself, and IT WAS SO GOOD — I accidentally ATE THE WHOLE BAG, and my parents never got any.

I thought my mother was the greatest cookie maker in the world, but Bart, you give her a run for her money.

I’m a mother, a wife and a great cook and I’ve never had cookies that taste this good.

The cookies, as always, were/are to live for …

They are amazing, and I have to admit, even better than my own recipes.

Bart’s Cookies are probably the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had, and I say this with no exaggeration.