Ok, so I am a very lucky girl; great house, great fiancé — amazing cookies!! Yes, that makes me a lucky girl! I was given the best opportunity to review Bart's Cookies! 

These cookies are awesome! Now, most people who do product reviews (such as myself) just get to sample the product, and really not interact much with owners of companies. 

I got to personally speak to the one and only Bart. We talked business, we laughed, and, all in all, I told him that he does make the best cookies! 

Now, do you wanna know what I tried? White chocolate, milk chocolate, peanut butter with milk chocolate… AMAZING!! I have to say that all in all my favorite (and my fiance's favorite) was the white chocolate, but the others were a close second. 

I will be the first to say that after working in a bakery for years, I am picky about my cookies. These met my expectations and exceeded them.

With years of experience, Bart has developed something amazing and I suspect that Bart will be in business for many years to come! I am making my Christmas list early, and I want some of these cookies!

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