Missing from the picture (to your right) are the macadamia nut cookies and the bigger dark chocolate cookie, which we simply couldn’t resist.

I have this dream, a daydream really, where I am a spectacular chef/baker. I make wonderful items that people come from all over to taste and promptly proclaim them the best. And then I wake up… I wonder if Bart ever had a dream like that? Even if he didn’t have that exact dream, he definitely has the best cookies that I have EVER tasted in my 37 years of living. I know a lot of people who do very well baking things, but I have never had anything that tasted so divine.

For this review, Bart sent me white chocolate chip + macadamia nut, milk + dark chocolate chip and dark chocolate chip cookies. If ever I had a favorite kind of cookie, it would be white chocolate chip with macadamia nuts. Bart’s macadamia nut cookies tasted absolutely scrumptious straight from the package or slightly warm from the microwave. These were, of course, the first cookies that I tried. I grudgingly shared them with my husband and youngest daughter. I even offered them to my older daughter but she isn’t fond of macadamia nut cookies or dark chocolate cookies, her loss.

Next we tried the milk + dark chocolate chip cookies. Let me begin this section by saying, I have never liked dark chocolate. It just never tasted right to me, no matter how many different brands of dark chocolate that I tried. After eating just one of Bart’s milk + dark chocolate chip cookies, I am hooked. These were even better than the macadamia nut cookies. My taste buds have been introduced to a whole new world of deliciousness. Inside box of cookies that I was sent, we also received a bigger cookie. It was the size that you expect most cookies to be. It was about the size of the palm of my hand, a few inches across. I apologize for not having a picture of that cookie, my husband was up late the first night after we received the cookies and was in dire need of a midnight snack. I don’t blame him, who would be able to resist these cookies after trying them one time? I even enjoyed the dark chocolate chip cookies, but the milk + dark are my favorite of what Bart sent.

I know most people would think I’m exaggerating when I say that I really believe these are the World’s Best cookies, but I would challenge them to find another cookie that tastes this yummy. 

“I don’t have a business card, but would you like a cookie?”

With the way these cookies taste, you would never know that this isn’t his main business. I would think to perfect cookies like these, one would have to spend all of their waking moments baking. Bart’s story is that he started making cookies in college. Fast forward a few years and every time he wanted a new client, he would send them a batch of his cookies. Of course this is horribly paraphrased and for that I am sorry. It is a great story and I linked it above so that you can go check out the background for yourself.

The cookies are available in regular and gluten-free varieties in the following flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, milk + dark, peanut butter milk chocolate, white chocolate, white chocolate + macadamia nut.

I have decided to let my husband know that he can forgo getting me anything to go into my stocking, EXCEPT for Bart’s Cookies, of course!

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