Once you taste them, a variety of words come to mind; delicious is the word I used, one son described them as ‘the bomb’, and another said he thought they were the ‘best’ macadamia cookies he has ever had.

Pure heaven, absolutely the best I’ve ever had! I’m calling these ‘better than sex’ cookies …

I had to have one more cookie, because I could hear it calling my name … they were heavenly!

Bart’s cookies are out of this world delicious.

If you are a chocolate chip cookie lover, you will fall in love with Bart’s Cookies.

OMG, these are so good! I would have to agree with Bart, these are the world’s best chocolate chip cookies!

They (Bart’s Cookies) were so good that my family devoured them in no time!

I know most people would think I’m exaggerating when I say that I really believe these are the World’s Best cookies, but I would challenge them to find another cookie that tastes this yummy.

… flippin’ great cookies. My family loves them. I love them, and yeah Bart’sCookies are the best cookies out there.

I’ve worked with a million-dollar cookie manufacturer before, and I have to say, your cookies are better!