"I remember Bart when he was a teenager playing varsity football (as a running back), playing against a team I was coaching at the time. Wow, could he run! I never saw anyone his age with speed like he had. Then, 20 years later, Bart was inducted into his alma mater's sports hall of fame for football and track. A couple months later, he sent me (current principal at his high school) a big batch of his famous chocolate chip cookies. Wow, I couldn't wait until they were gone. Why? Not because they weren't great, but because the only reason people stopped in to see me was for another cookie! My office never saw so much traffic. All people wanted to talk about was where did I get them and how could they get some for themselves and their families, friends and co-workers. Bart, these cookies are over-the-top. Thank you. Look forward to staying in touch." ~ Ross T., NNHS H.S. Principal