Are Bart's cookies really the best? Okay, I admit it! I love cookies! Please, tell me I am not the only one.

When Bart's cookies offered to send me a dozen cookies, I had a rather difficult time choosing. Did I want Milk Chocolate? Dark Chocolate? White Chocolate or a Combination? Decisions, decisions! I went with the combination, dark and milk chocolate chip cookies. I had 2 very eager helpers for this review.

My hubby has great timing. He was lucky enough to be home for lunch when Bart's cookies arrived. After lunch I gave my husband and my son a cookie. We were ready to officially taste test them. 

We chewed in silence for a few moments. I knew that meant my son was totally into the cookie, he is a little chatterbox and very few things have that effect on him. My husband spoke up first, he said 'Maybe I should try another one, the first one I am not so sure about.' I had to agree, not because I was undecided, but because I knew I liked it.

The cookies look small, compared to how I have always had chocolate chip cookies, that is until you see how thick the cookies are. They are quite substantial, and a total treat! I liked that they were soft, I liked the amount of chocolate chips, and the two chips were well distributed. They were fresh, delicious and visually attractive.

My son? Well, he spent an entire afternoon showing me the cabinet I put the rest of the cookies in. My family liked the cookies very much! Bart offers an assortment of varieties, reasonable prices and a great product.

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