If anyone’s listening, get some of Bart’s cookies. And, BE CAREFUL, they’re addictive!

These cookies are the perfect texture. They have a little bit of crunch, they are chewy and chunky, and the chocolate is a little bit gooey!

I’d like to say it was charm and intellect that just landed me a job after 14 months, but most likely it was YOUR COOKIES!!!!!!!

When you put that first cookie in your mouth, euphoria spreads throughout your body. That is what happened when we tasted these cookies.

I have a heck of a sweet tooth, and your cookies are outstanding.

I had a cookie ecstasy experience. It was just absolutely phenomenal. Love love love love love love love love love Bart’s Cookies.

These cookies are so decadent and delicious. I loved them. So did my daughter, and my hubby.

I have to admit they were much better than mine!

I just wanted you to know your cookies were the bomb … They were all gone!

They are different than other cookies in that they are made smaller, but thicker!