Bart’s peanut butter cookie has the texture of a regular chocolate chip cookie, and a deliciously strong peanut butter flavor.

I have to admit they were much better than mine!

Thanks for the SUPER cookies! … you have a special touch!

I had a cookie ecstasy experience. It was just absolutely phenomenal. Love love love love love love love love love Bart’s Cookies.

I look soooo forward to getting your cookies …

Thank you, Bart, your cookies are the best, I’ve shared them with everyone in the office.

ARE YOU INSANE??! :) P.S. Thanks, for the cookies! YUMMMMM!

Oh my gosh you made my day and I want to thank you! Oh my gosh, the famous Bartman cookies, …

I’m a little embarrassed to say, I ate all 6 (of Bart’s Cookies) when I got home from work. They were that good!

… flippin’ great cookies. My family loves them. I love them, and yeah Bart’sCookies are the best cookies out there.