Bart's Cookies are probably the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had, and I say this with no exaggeration. Bart's Cookies are the creation of Bart Smith, an out-right hilarious guy that has a passion for what he does and he does it right; that is, he bakes delicious cookies. Bart uses his delicious cookies as his business card. Ok, no, it doesn't have is number and info on it but, it someone asks him for a business card, he hands them a cookie. Now, that is something they won't forget. I personally don't think I would!

Bart Smith made his first batch of cookies for dinner more than 20 years ago. He soon turned his cookie endeavor into what it is today!  

I received a dozen of Bart's Cookies to review. I chose to go with the milk chocolate. They arrived quickly and came nicely sealed and packaged so none were smashed. When I opened the sealed bag it came in, the smell of freshly baked cookies overtook the room and my mouth started to water. And let's be honest, I ate a couple before taking pictures. They are full of chocolate chips. When you bite into a cookie, it just melts in your mouth instantly.

I absolutely love these cookies. I want more! It's as simple as that. They are delicious, soft, gooey and packed full of flavor!  

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